Small-Town Churches Network

Jonathan Davis is the founder of the Small Town Churches Network.

Much of the content at comes from his doctoral research and ministry experience, focusing on rural ministry in North America – in an increasingly postmodern context. Because of his work in the area of rural ministry, Jonathan has been invited to speak at conferences around the country as a small church and rural ministry thought leader.

The Network

The Small Town Churches Network exists to share ideas, research, and tools for ministers and churches in small towns and rural locations.

The vision is to:

  1. Create a relational network of small town clergy and lay leaders who explore new possibilities for rural ministry in the 21st Century.
  2. Partner with organizations in rural and emergence Christianity to create new dialogue concerning emerging rural culture, and the impact post-modernity is having on rural congregations.
  3. Raise awareness of unique issues and challenges small town congregations and clergy face through regular research, blog posts, conference presentations, and our weekly news roundup, The Small Town Weekly.
  4. Develop resources to equip small town churches for ministering in emerging rural culture including spiritual formation curricula, congregational assessment tools, and worship resources.